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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Welcome to The Central Archaeology Group's blog.

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions please post them here. Keeping you informed about archaeology, cultural heritage, and built heritage is what we hope to do.

CAG is committed to preserving archaeological and cultural heritage. We believe that the protection of this non-renewable resource is imperative to present and future Canadians because not only is it important to continued development within each province, but it also underlines and identifies a distinctive Canadian culture.



Anonymous said...

What exactly is an archaeological site?

Laura McRae said...

An archaeological site is a location where there is evidence of past human activity, for example: petroglphys; petroforms; pictographs; remains of campsites; middens; and architectural foundations. We can apply archaeological analysis to these sites in order to learn about past events and our own heritage.

Archaeological sites represent only one component of a range of heritage resources, including things like historic architecture, cultural landscape, etc.